We want you to be safe and have a great weekend. BEFORE THE RALLY Plan your day, and give yourself time! Not every stage offers public spectating and some have designated parking areas so you may need to walk to a suitable location to view the stage. Check the schedule and maps for updated information. Cell phone service at Rally Colorado is hit or miss. You may not have cell service in many areas during the event.

Bring as much water, bug spray, food and sunscreen necessary and don’t forget to bring something to sit on. Some spectator locations have nearby port-a-potties, be sure to plan ahead. Please carry out your trash. Remember that dirt and gravel roads can get extremely dusty or in the case of rain, become extremely muddy. Plan your attire and supplies accordingly.


If you decide to drive yourself to one of the public stages:

1. Consider carpooling – parking is extremely limited.

2. Give yourself plenty of time and arrive at least one hour before the stage is set to start –  entrance is not guaranteed. Once the stage is closed to spectators, you’re out of luck.

Stage Rally can be dangerous


Competing cars are often running fast on common roads. Therefore the spectators are required for responsible behavior to secure their own safety as they are mostly not protected with barriers as on racing circuits. Spectators are watching the rally on their own risk, but it doesn’t mean they don’t need to respect the safety regulations and arrangements! Stage Rally is a beautiful sport, but without appropriate security, it can easily become a dangerous hazard! Accidents with spectators are the biggest threat of this discipline. You can help with keeping Stage Rally alive – think of your behavior before going to the special stage. Don’t hesitate to help the Route marshals with undisciplined spectators, who refuse to respect the safety arrangements. The act of an individual is the basement for act of the society – if you do positive action, others will join you.