This year's Sweep will be provided by "F-Troop",  Patrol 6 of the Mile-Hi Jeep Club of Colorado

Our patrol is made up of people who range from their 50’s to 70’s.  Most of us work on our own Jeeps and believe real Jeeps are BUILT, not BOUGHT. There are singles, married, retired, families and of course dogs.

We really enjoy snow busting and winter only changes what we wear when we are wheeling so we don’t take a break in the wintertime.  We enjoy the scenery, clean air, fellowship and a challenge of our driving and vehicle capabilities every now and then.   We use our recovery equipment regularly and enjoy educating the public on how to keep our trails open.

“What we lack in intelligence we make up for in sheer determination, and somehow always make it back to Fort Courage”

Frank Eichenlaub has been a MHJC member for 25 years and has been a member of the off-road community for over 30 years. A past membership chair, webmaster and Commander, Frank has been very involved in club activities over the years. Staring with Patrol 16 in 1994 in his big blue Chevy Blazer he very quickly was given the handle "winchpoint". A few years into the club Frank purchased a 1985 Jeep CJ7 from a past commander and enjoyed modifying and wheeling "Puumba" for many years. Most recently Frank acquired a 2003 TJ Rubicon which he has heavily modified and enjoys taking on spring snow in the high country. Frank has been an ALl-4-FUN Trail Boss for over ten years and is absolutely excited to work this year's Rally event!

Gene Day Began exploring Colorado back roads in 1973 in a surplus M38.  Now retired, my primary home is in Idaho Springs, Colorado.  My wife and I enjoy a second home in Moab, Utah.  I have several Jeeps, including a 47 flat fender, a M715 on 39s, a CJ7 and a couple of TJs.  My wife correctly observes that I get as much pleasure working on my rigs as I do driving them.  I’ve been leading trips with El Jebel Jeep Patrol and Red Rock Four Wheelers since 1997.  Currently a member of MHJC Patrol 6.

Darryl Swenson been Jeeping since 2000.  I learned how to drive a 4x4 on mud roads in Kansas as a kid.  After I got my Jeep I learned rock crawling at a Crops of Engineer ORV park near Manhattan, KS.  I enjoy spending time in the Black Hills and any place in the Mountains of Colorado.  My other hobbies include Amateur (Ham) Radio and Teardrop Campers.  I live in Omaha, NE, am married to Joanne.  I have worked for the last 25+ years as a System Performance Engineer for Wireless Phone/Cellular networks.  [The 'can you hear me now' guy!]